Shadows of The Seagulls

Shadows of the Seagulls has been launched!

It is available on Amazon at the link above (click on the photo), and also on Barnes & Noble!

Elizabeth and Grant have a home on the bluffs overlooking Balboa Bay.  Life in this part of Newport Beach is luxurious and privileged.  Imagine yourself in this setting, enjoying a life of luxury, and beautiful views every day of the year from the balcony of their amazing home!  The expansive ocean view spreads out before you from the balcony, with the most romantic sunsets you can imagine.  Multiple sails from boats in the bay are in view, closer in toward the bluffs.  Life in the 1970’s on the coast in Orange County was much more relaxed than it is now.  The bay is still there, however, to sail on, the same way four best friends did, decades ago.  Relive a time when life was simpler, traffic was slower, and the Beach Boys music was the rave.  Hawaiian floral bathing suits and skirts, floppy straw hats, and sunglasses were the fashion here, and everywhere on the coast. Learn what life was like for two couples who seek for one final summer experience to remember, only the final events don’t go exactly as planned. Find out what happens next in the short story e-book, Shadows of The Seagulls!

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